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Christian Meditation

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  • Experiencing God in a Time of Chrisis
    Experiencing God in a Time of Chrisis
    Author: Sarah Bachelard In Experiencing God in a time of Crisis, Sarah Bachelard explains that there are critical times in our lives, moments of profound loss, grief and fear in which our frameworks of sense seem to...
  • Food for the Journey
    Food for the Journey
    Food for the Journey Author: Kim Nataraja These inspirational teachings which are the foundation of The World Community for Christian Meditation will support all who have started on the journey of meditation. This book is...
  • Meditation & Dying
    Meditation & Dying
    Meditation & Dying is a personal reflection by Anne McDonnell who is a teacher in e World Community for Christian Meditation. With deep, moving insight she speaks from personal experience of terminal illness and of her...
  • Prayer and the Priest
    Prayer and the Priest
    Description: Priests in all churches and ministries today find their zeal worn down by overwork, tensions in communities, and the social climate. In this book, priests around the world share very personally how they found...
  • Radical Simplicity Book/CD
    Radical Simplicity Book/CD
    Radical Simplicity - Meditation for Everyone Author: John Main OSB John Main had the spiritual genius of simplicity. And so, his teaching on meditation, born from his Christian tradition, is universal. This collection of...
  • Sensing God
    Sensing God
    Sensing God Author: Laurence Freeman OSB   Learning to Meditate during Lent
  • Sharing the Gift
    Sharing the Gift
    Sharing the Gift - Resources Book for Passing on Christian Meditation This book contains a wealth of articles to support you in sharing the gift of Christian Meditation with others at all levels. The range of contributions...
  • Six Week Introductory Course
    Six Week Introductory Course
    This handbook is a step-by-step guide for an introductory course on Christian meditation covering the following six topics: 1. What is Christian meditation?2. John Main3. The Roots of Meditation in the Christian Tradition4...
  • The Gethsemani Talks
    The Gethsemani Talks
    The Gethsemani Talks - A Simple Teaching on Meditation in the Christian Tradition John Main OSB   DIGITAL EDITION - no physical book will be shipped!   These conferences were first given at the Abbey of...

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